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Hiring Divorce Lawyers: Help Navigating Texas Divorce Laws

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While Texas may have some unique and draconian criminal laws, the state’s divorce rules are fairly standard. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for divorce lawyers to represent your interests. Even if you expect your divorce to be fairly straightforward, it’s important to hire a lawyer. If you don’t, you may find yourself slapped with unfavorable rulings regarding issues like alimony, child support payments, and child custody rights. These factors can significantly change the dynamic of a divorce and hinder you from moving forward with your life. As a result, it’s crucial to hire a family divorce lawyer. Even if you think your divorce proceedings will be uncontested, you should still hire an uncontested divorce lawyer to represent you. Luckily, if you need an attorney in the Krugerville, TX area, look no further than Greg Boling. He’s a skilled divorce attorney that serves clients in the following communities:

  • Denton County, TX
  • Aubrey, TX
  • Cross Roads, TX
  • Corinth, TX
  • Highland Village, TX
  • Krugerville, TX
  • The Colony, TX
  • Little Elm, TX
  • Argyle, TX
  • Ponder, TX

Why You Need A Divorce Attorney

Hiring the right divorce lawyers will help you put your life back on track after your divorce. The right attorney can make sure you get favorable alimony payments. This can be crucial for securing a good quality of life for you after your divorce. However, it’s difficult for someone to negotiate these kinds of factors without a lawyer. If you don’t know how alimony rules work within the Texas legal framework, it’s impossible to maximize your payments. Therefore, an attorney will be a necessary ally in your case.

In addition, a lawyer can be especially helpful if you have children. Child custody and child support are two important factors to address during your divorce proceedings. While alimony payments can secure your quality of life after your divorce, child custody and support will affect your son or daughter’s well-being. Therefore, these two factors should be significant aspects of your divorce case. As a result, you need to hire a family divorce lawyer that understands this and will negotiate for the best possible child support payments and secure your parental rights.

Cover All Your Bases With Our Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Even if you’re expecting an uncontested divorce, you still need to hire a lawyer. These are special kinds of divorces where both parties agree on the terms of their separation. An uncontested divorce lawyer will know how to streamline the divorce process. Therefore, they can save you time and money. In fact, many attorneys offer uncontested divorce services at a flat rate. In addition, you may be able to resolve an uncontested divorce case in as few as 60 days. That’s in stark contrast to a standard divorce, which may take between six months and a year to finalize. Because of this, it’s easy to see how filing an uncontested divorce has significant advantages over a standard divorce proceeding.

Find The Right Family Divorce Lawyer At Law Office of Greg Boling

If you need a lawyer with the right mix of experience and knowledge to get you the best possible divorce settlement, call Greg. With nearly 20 years of experience as a divorce attorney, he’s one of the best lawyers you’ll find to handle your divorce in the Krugerville, TX area. In addition, Greg is a family man himself. As a result, he understands that securing the best parental rights and child support settlement will give your child the best quality of life after your divorce. Therefore, if you need one of the best divorce lawyers in the area to handle your case, call the Law Offices of Greg Boling to schedule your consultation. You won’t regret it.

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